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Drink Recipes

Rum Drinks

If you're looking to get creative with some rum drinks, you've come to the right place. Rum is a favorite for many and whether you prefer dark rum, light rum, golden rum, coconut rum or a really nice spiced rum, you can mix, blend and mingle it with many different things in order to come up with some great hot and cold drinks. Rum is also used a fair bit in cooking as well with desserts and as a glaze. There are many variations of the spirit and it can be found all over the world with varying flavors and alcoholic percentages.

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Whether you like your rum drinks with coke or in something fruity it's definitely a staple for any bar. Here's a bit of information about the history of rum:

Rum is a mixture of molasses and sugarcane juice that is allowed to ferment in barrels, usually made of oak. It's been around for a very long time and was, at one time referred to as wine of sugar instead of wine of grapes. It's something that's as much a part of pirate culture as the jolly rogers skull and cross bone logo on the flag and Rum's outcome will depend on the way it's stored and the agents added to produce various colors and flavors. It's a drink that's available in many countries including: the U.S, Canada, The Caribbean, Asia, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, and other places as well. The Caribbean is considered the prime location for rum and various islands have their own processes which can make Caribbean rum very unique depending on which island it comes from. Here are some popular rum drinks:

Rum and Coke: One 1-oz shot of a rum of your choice mixed with 8 ounces of Cola. Many serve with crushed ice and a wedge of lime

Pina Colada: You can buy frozen pina colada mixes that simply get blended with ice and your favorite rum or you can make your own by blending coconut cream, pineapple juice and rum with ice. Flavored rums can also make your pina colada even more interesting with flavors such as banana and coconut which can make for a really vibrant tasting pina colada.

Rum Punches: There are countless punch recipes out there but most recipes call for rum with sweet, with sour, with fruit and with ice. Pineapple or orange juice works well and grenadine syrup is great for any punch. Lemon or lime adds a nice zing and plenty of crushed ice and fresh fruit work fabulously together. Many punch connoisseurs will add soda water or raspberry or cranberry ginger ale to their punches as well and freeze fruit juice into their ice cubes so the can have a slush instead of ice that will water down the punch. A good rule of thumb in terms of alcohol content is to put equal parts of the following based on ratios of: 1 of sour (lime, lemon), 2 of sweet (grenadine), 3 of alcohol (rum of choice) and 4 of juice or soda. The results will be fruity and sweet but with a bit of a kick.

Next time you're in the mood for rum drinks, try out a few new recipes and maybe a new flavor of rum.
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