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Drinking Game Instructions
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Game Type: Drinking Card Games

Number of Players: 3 or more

Objective: Get other people to drink if your card matches the one in play. You can also bluff that you have the card, but can be challenged!

Supplies: Two decks of cards and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Each player is dealt four cards which they can look at, but shouldn't let others see (from the first deck).

Using the second deck, the dealer must also lay out a triangle of cards face down (see diagram below). The cards are then flipped over one at a time. If a player has this card, they can tell someone else to drink the number of times for that row.

Keep in mind that this is a game of bluffing and lying. A player can tell others to drink even if they don't have that card. If the person thinks you are lying, they can "call your bluff", which doubles the drinking stakes. If a player is suspected of lying, they must show their card.

If the player is caught lying, they drink double the amount assigned for the card's row. If they player is telling the truth, the other person drinks double.

1 - X X X X X X

2 - X X X X X

3 - X X X X

4 - X X X

5 - X X

6 - X
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