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Drinking Game Instructions
Halloween Movie Drinking Game
Halloween Movie Drinking Game
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Game Type: Drinking TV Games

Number of Players: 1+

Objective: Have a scary good time!

Supplies: Halloween themed cocktails, shots, punch available. A package of red Jell-o/gelatin powder A center cup A copy of the film "Halloween"

Directions: 1) Drink every time Michael Myers appears without being noticed
2) Every time the theme music plays take two shots!
3) Every time someone is stabbed pour a small amount of red Jell-o powder into your mouth and swish it with your drink.
(Is your mouth all bloody?!) 4)Every time someone is naked/engaging in sexual activity, pass your drink to the person next to you and take to sips
5) Every time someone says "Michael" pour some of your drink into the center cup
6) If the word "Totally" is said, the last person to put their hand in the air, has to drink what is in the center cup
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