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Drinking Game Instructions
A or B
A or B
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Game Type: Drinking Word Games

Number of Players: 3 or more

Objective: Try to vote for the most "popular" answer to the question.

Supplies: Alcohol of choice.

Directions: This is a drinking game played by voting in a group. Whoever is in the minority must drink.

A person asks a question and gives two possible answers. Examples of typical questions could be:

Which do you prefer: Vodka or Rum?
Where would you rather live: Europe or South America?

When everyone is ready to answer, they must close their eyes (except for the person asking) and the person who asked the question gives their answer, raising their hand at the same time. Whoever agrees with this answer also raises their hands.

The votes are counted (players can open their eyes now) and the players who are in the minority of opinion in the group take two drinks.

If it's a tie, the person that asked the question takes two drinks.

Play then continues with the person on the left asking the next question.
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