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Drinking Games

Drinking Games

Drinking Games: A Few Tips and Ideas

If you search online for drinking games, you'll find more than a hundred of them. Here are just a few of the popular drinking games out there that you can play to help entertain yourself and others at a party

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There are board games with rules and equipment established but you can always play games with dice, with cards or that involve another game where you alter the rules to make the party a little more interesting.

There are games of skill, games of endurance and games of chance. You can play drinking games with a few or with many and they can be played with any alcoholic beverage of your choosing. Here are some examples:

Drinking Trivial Pursuit: This game involves playing the trivia board game and if an answer is incorrect, the player has to drink. It can get pretty boring or rather entertaining if you're a trivia enthusiast. Your true intellect can shine through in this game!

Beer Chess: This is played as a game of typical chess but requires a very large board or a checkered tile floor or patio will do and you use various beer brands as the different players including: pawns, king, queen, rooks and knights. The rules are intricate and some moves require a small sip whereas certain occurrences require a full chug. Feel free to make up your own rules to make it interesting.

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Magical Dice: This game is quite simple. Each player is assigned a number and whenever their number is rolled, the player must drink. This can include getting rather inebriated rather quickly and sometimes that's the point!

Movie Games: When watching a particular movie or TV show, you can assign specific words as drinking words. This is particularly popular when watching erotic films at a stag party. Certain words named in the rules could result in a lot of chug-a-lugging!

Drunk Jenga: The game of Jenga requires very steady hands. How steady can you stay when you've had six beers? Not bad? How about eight? Some Drunk Jenga players have a special Jenga set reserved just for drinking. Certain orders are written on the bottom of some blocks that tell people to drink, give people a chance to order others to drink, advise what to drink and how many drinks so when you mange get a block out, it might just have directions you need to follow. And, if you collapse, you might establish a rule that could have a big impact on your sobriety.

Verbal Games: Verbal games can be fun and can be incorporate into other drinking games as well as be played on their own. Playing a game of cards but putting rules out about saying certain words or cussing could result in a lot of laughter.

The following goes without saying for most but definitely bears repeating. When playing drinking games, decide ahead of time if there's going to be a big sleepover or if there will be taxis called at the end of the night. You certainly don't want anyone getting behind the wheel, of course. When planning a sleepover, be sure to place buckets or bowls around the sleeping area for anyone who has been either the winner, or loser (depending on how you look at it) of the drinking games and do have a supply of paper towels, carpet cleaner and mouthwash on hand.
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