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Drinking Games

College Drinking Game Ideas

College drinking games are something just about anyone would expect to see if they were a fly on the wall in a frat house. Movies depict them and many of us have been to frat parties and seen people do things like play Caps, Molson Poker, PassOut, Quarters and Speed drinking races. Why do people abuse their bodies with college drinking games?

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Drinking games are fun and are pretty harmless for most. There are stories of alcohol poisoning but the vast majority of those who play drinking games simply vomit before the night is through and nurse a wicked hangover the next day. If care and caution are taken to ensure the intoxicated individual has a place to crash for the night and someone is kind enough to be sure they've got a puke bucket and are not sleeping on their back, generally it all turns out alright.

There are those who would advise against college drinking games for obvious reasons but this rarely stops people in college from participating in them at least once in a while. Some do have such traumatic experiences that they play just once. What kinds of drinking games are there?

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There are games with skill and games played based on luck. There are also games played where the absolute intention is to get drunk as quickly as possible. Drinking games can be played to chug or race drink against someone else and there are funneling games as well that involve having someone pour or shotgun a drink into you. There are board games you can buy with elaborate rules and there are simple games played with cards or dice. You can also watch a movie and choose a list of words that require observers to drink every time they're said.

If you've stumbled upon this article trying to decide on a drinking game to play, here's a great suggestion regardless of how many people you have and what kind of alcoholic beverage is available. This drinking game can be played with two shot glasses and one coin and most refer to it as Quarters.

Place one empty shot glass on the table in between two players. Player 1 bounces the coin off the table, hoping it will land into the empty shot glass. If it does, Player 2 needs to drink the other shot glass which is filled with something to drink (usually beer or wine as the game doesn't last long if it's something too strong such as liquor.)

When a player gets a point, they get another turn and can have consecutive turns until they miss. This becomes interesting when someone gets on a roll and the opposing player has to drink glass after glass of beer or wine. Some find that the longer you play Quarters the better your aim seems to get. It's certainly a laugh.

Whether you're an avid player of college drinking games or someone who's interested in dabbling for the first time, you can find many online sources of inspiration.
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