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Playing Caps: An Alcoholic Drinking Game with Beer

The object of the typical drinking game usually isn't to drink more than anyone else or to drink less than anyone else. There are usually no winners and there are no losers because it's just a game that results in a laugh for everyone involved.

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Caps, however, is a game of skill and masterful coordination. It requires skill and a good eye and if you play for a few rounds, you might find it becoming increasingly trickier to continue to be a straight shooter. Some find that the more they play, the better they get. Or, at least the more fun they have at it!

With beverage related games, sometimes skill is involved and sometimes it's dumb luck. There are many different alcoholic games and some date back to ancient times.

Whether you're the person who drinks the most or gets to witness the antics of friends that have to drink large quantities of alcohol, fun can be had by all. Caps is a very popular drinking game among beer drinkers. Even if you don't fancy beer very much, you might not be able to turn down a game of Caps and you might surprise yourself at how good you are at it. Caps involves sitting across the room from someone with your legs apart and an empty beer bottle in front of each of you. The cap from the beer bottle is upside down on each bottle and sitting on the top of the bottle like a crown. The person opposite you needs to throw a beer cap at your bottle and knock the cap off.

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If player A succeeds at knocking player B's cap off, player B must have a sip of beer. A win means an extra turn for player A and if player A misses, it becomes player B's turn. The game of caps has extra nuances such as: if three caps in a row are knocked off, the opposing player must finish the rest of their bottle and if a fourth cap in a row is knocked off, an entire new bottle of beer must be downed at once. Your thirst and your sobriety is dependant on your opponent's skill level.

Whatever the rules of the game, it's important that rules and guidelines be established up front. Depending on where you are from or how often you've played, rules could vary so it's important to establish the rules up front to ensure that no one will disagree. Some cap tournaments do involve referees and a complex system of managing the incoming and outgoing bottles of beer. When you arrange your tournament here are two important tips:

* Play outdoors if possible. Spills can happen very easily and

* Eat before you play. Drinking beer in the hot sun on an empty stomach isn't a great mixture and the better your condition, the better your chances of Caps domination.

It should go without saying that everyone needs to be sure they have a safe way home or a place to lay their head so driving isn't a concern and of course it's important to play within reason so you're not at the ER with alcohol poisoning as well. That said, most people have played alcoholic drinking games at sometime or another and if you've never played Caps before, you might just surprise yourself with some great skills.
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