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Trinity Place Bar and Grill - New York, NY
Manhattan, Safe and Sound

How one Restaurant has helped rebuild Lower Manhattan after 9/11

It's no doubt that Lower Manhattan is one of the most distinct and robust neighborhoods in the world. In fact, the city, which only a decade ago was lost under a cloud of debris from the September 11th attack has found itself thriving as a trendy 'new' neighborhood.

An area that was once dominated by banks and brokerage houses has now become family friendly, with new parks, public schools and grocery stores; creating an area where not only families of the aftermath can rebuild their lives, but one where businesses are rising up to build a one of a kind district.

Still known as the financial district that is home to the New York Stock Exchange, one particular business has found a way to keep with the tradition of Wall Street while encompassing the current needs of the neighborhood.

Established in 2006, Trinity Place Bar and Grill opened its doors to the public. And not just any doors, we might add. The restaurant (originally a bank vault) has two identical doors weighing 35 tons each, one door leading into the bar and the other into the restaurant.

Formally a secret meeting room for the board of directors, the restaurant is nestled inside two turn of the century skyscrapers - "New York's original twin towers" which were completed between 1905 and 1907 by Architect Francis Hatch Kimaball as Gothic twins. The vault in which the bar and restaurant are now located were originally built by the renowned Mosler Safe Company in upstate New York and floated down the Hudson River via barge.

During construction every effort was made to preserve the unique attributes of the space, making this a true NYC landmark. Trinity Place Bar and Grill exemplifies the spirit of Lower Manhattan community which has stood the test of time and adversity with a charm and vibrancy like few others.

Trinity Place Bar and Grill
115 Broadway
New York, NY 10006

Happy Hours:
Thursday, 3pm - 11pm
$6 Stoli O-Bombs

Monday thru Wednesday, Friday, 4pm - 6pm
$4 Draft

Phone: (212) 964-0939
Website: www.trinityplacenyc.com

What You Will Find:

Executive Chef Donal Crosbie has traveled abroad studying under some of the finest chef's in the world to create a menu that compliments the diverse tastes of New York diners. To compliment his unique and diverse plates the restaurant boasts an engaging full service wine and cocktail menu.

With its business casual attire, Trinity Place services the community where wall street workers can feel comfortable grabbing lunch with co-workers and business execs during the day or meeting up with that special someone for dinner.
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