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Luna Malvada and The Mint
Luna Malvada and The Mint
Luna Malvada Tequila
Many top-charting songs and adages warn about the intoxicating effects of tequila (ever heard of: One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor...)

Some tequila brands can have this effect, whereas other tequila manufacturers have taken the time to re-create this popular spirit's reputation. In fact, one Arizona based tequila distillery, Luna Malvada, was twelve years in the making before going public. The small-family run distillery, founded by Andy Rose and Michael Cardenas, decided it was important to raise the standard in tequila by making and producing a tequila that is not only made from the rarest agave, but one that is cultivated in a distinctive location. This tequila is made from plants grown on their own private land; ensuring the care and quality for their high-end tequila. After three years of surveying the southwest, the first blue weber agave was planted in the rare, tropical-dry forest of the Sonoran Desert. Twelve years later, the result is premium tequila that is just as full-bodied and smooth as a fine whiskey or cognac.

Asked why it was important to create a premium tequila like Luna Malvada, company president Andy Rose said "It was important for us to create Luna Malvada for that exact reason; it was 'CREATED.' So many tequilas are simply the same juice in different bottles with some distilleries producing 40 or more brands. We produce only one, and with unique and specialized processes... from harvesting techniques for a rarer agave, longer cooking and processing, to even our barrel regiment, Luna Malvada is CREATED from the ground-up as a truly premium product that we believe rivals the finest tequilas in the world."

This one of a kind tequila is also unique because it is the only premium tequila to come straight out of their distillery. So, it's no wonder that Luna Malvada took home both the bronze and gold medal awards at the 2011 San Francisco World's Spirits Competition (one of the country’s most recognized competitions). Needless to say, Luna Malvada will most definitely have you singing a different tune about tequila.
Luna Malvada drinks

It's only during the Full Moon Cycle (e.g. every full moon) that the rare Luna Malvada agave crop is gathered for its provocative juices. Lucky for us, this uniquely made tequila will be featured at The Mint, located in the heart of Scottsdale, for the month of October.
The Mint in Scottsdale, Arizona

The Mint is Arizona's ultimate destination for happy hour and Asian-fusion tapas. Their menu is crafted by executive chef, Johhny Chu, who is known for creating inventive dishes like crispy chicken wings served with spicy orange sauce or their Sugar Cane Pork marinated in pineapple ginger sauce. The Mint also boasts a variety of vegetarian options and is premiering their new Skinny menu, offering scrumptious low calorie meals that will fill you up (and not out). While Johnny Chu definitely has some bragging rights in the kitchen, Dohl Chompupong reigns over the lounge as the ultimate "bar chef", mixing up drinks like the Vanilla Transfer (also made with Luna Malvada tequila) and the Piggy Bank martini. Dohl takes pride in his hand-crafted drinks, which are made from fresh squeezed ingredients and non-pasteurized juices. Each drink is prepared as it's ordered; meaning you can watch your bartender squeeze the juices straight from the oranges, limes, watermelon, and into your glass, rather than having an unknown amount of syrupy fillers dumped into an oversized glass. Not only can we say that The Mint's drinks are fresher, cleaner, and smoother, but we also say that they healthier.

I had the privilege of experiencing Dohl's beverage-making-mastery as he prepared the Black Magic Margarita for me. As I've mentioned before, all of the drinks at The Mint are created with fresh ingredients and this margarita is no exception. Prepared in an icy glass, Dohl poured accurate amounts of Luna Malvada Plata, fresh-squeezed limes, lemons, and agave nectar making this not only a more classic Mexican margarita,
Luna Malvada Cocktail

but also making this drink finish cleaner than margaritas I've experienced in the past. The Hawaiian black lava salt that outlines the short glass is not only an appealing aesthetic, but it also accentuates and complements the slightly sour flavor you would expect from the lemons and limes. The agave nectar is used to offset the sour, and it not only accomplishes this, but because it is a natural sweetener it allows the flavor to linger in your mouth. One sip and you will never want a pre-mixed margarita again. In fact, for those of you who have lost your love for tequila cocktails, we encourage you to try this drink which is being served exclusively at The Mint all this month!

We also recommend that you take advantage of The Mint's happy hour specials served Mon-Fri from 3-7pm which features half price drinks in their full service bar, and $2 off all menu items.

"Dohl recommends you pair the Black Magic Margarita with their bacon wrapped shrimp grilled with aromatic wood charcoal (Menu Item: 'Mint Shrimp') or with their Wasabi Sliders, which is charcoal grilled beef marinated with onions, peppers and curry seasoning topped with pickled wasabi served on a steamed bun."

When thinking about Happy-Hour this month, head to The Mint for the perfect menu pairings with Luna Malvada's premium tequila.
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