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"Friends" Drinking Game
"Friends" Drinking Game
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Game Type: Drinking TV Games

Number of Players: 2 or more

Objective: Drink to certain instances on "Friends".

Supplies: An episode of "Friends" and beer.

Directions: Watch an episode of "Friends" and drink during the following:

Global Rule: Each player picks a character's name and whenever that name is mentioned that person takes one drink.

1 Drink:
- Phoebe says a "Phoebism".
- Chandler says a "Chandlerism".
- If Ross takes longer to say a sentence than a normal person would.
- Rachel calls someone "Honey".
- A celebrity makes an appearance.
- The exterior of Central Perk is shown.
- The exterior of Monica/Rachel's and Chandler/Joey's apartment building is shown.
- Any of the six are shown at work.
- Any of the main character's parents show up.
- Joey doesn't understand something that should be totally obvious.
- The hallway between Monica/Rachel's and Chandler/Joey's apartment is shown.
- Gunther moans to himself how much he loves/wants Rachel.
- Any animal is shown.

2 Drinks:
- Phoebe plays a song on her guitar.
- The inside of Phoebe's apartment is shown.
- The inside of Ross' apartment is shown.
- Any of the six drink a bottled beverage.
- All six main characters hang out in Monica/Rachel's apartment.
- Anyone makes a reference to an old TV show.
- Joey goes on an audition.
- Ross mentions Ben, Carol or Susan.
- Any of the six main characters kiss a non-main character.
- Mark makes a pass at Rachel.
- Ross gets jealous.
- Phoebe dates a weirdo.
- Monica does something anal-retentive.
- Any main character get mad at another main character.

3 Drinks:
- Joey actually understands the opposite sex.
- Phoebe says something sensible.
- Monica dates a decent guy.
- Any of the six drink alcohol.
- Phoebe's dad actually shows up.
- Dr. Green is nice to Ross.
- Chloe acts even semi-intelligent.
- Janice laughs that distinct laugh of hers.
- Chandler drops his sarcastic, cynical facade.
- Joey offers good love-life advice to anyone.

Rest of Drink:
- Pete becomes the Ultimate Fighting Champion.
- Chandler stops making smart-ass comments.
- Paolo shows up.
- Barry shows up.
- Phoebe and Ursula get along.
- Ugly Naked Guy is fully shown.
- Gunther asks Rachel out.
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