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Drinking Games
"Everybody Loves Raymond" Drinking Game
"Everybody Loves Raymond" Drinking Game
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Game Type: Drinking TV Games

Number of Players: 2 or more

Objective: Drink to certain instances on "Everybody Loves Raymond".

Supplies: An episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Watch an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" and drink during the following:

Global Rule: Each player picks a character's name and whenever that name is mentioned that person takes one drink.

1 Drink:
- When Robert appears in his police uniform.
- Whenever Marie says "Dear".
- Anytime one of the kids appear (if two appear, then take two drinks).
- Every time Frank loosens his pants or appears without pants.
- Every time Marie and/or Frank show up unannounced.
- Every time Ray makes a cheap-shot at Robert.
- Every time Frank makes a cheap-shot at anyone.

2 Drinks:
- Every time Debra Screams "Ray!"
- Every time Marie hugs someone.
- If Ray is shown at work.
- If Marie offers Ray some food.
- If Nemo's restaurant is mentioned or shown.

3 Drinks:
- When ever Frank says "Holy Crap”.
- Anytime Robert's date appears.
- If Amy's parents appear in the episode.
- If Frank's buddy appears and says "Hey, Ray's here"
- Anytime Champskey II is shown.

Rest of Drink:
- If Raymond gets laid.
- If Marie appears in her robe.
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