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"24" Drinking Game
"24" Drinking Game
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Game Type: Drinking TV Games

Number of Players: 2 or more

Objective: Drink to certain instances on "24".

Supplies: An episode of "24" and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Watch an episode of "24" and drink during the following:

Global Rule: Each player picks a character's name and whenever that name is mentioned that person takes one drink.

1 Drink:
- Jack kills somebody.
- Somebody summarizes what's been going on in the past couple hours.
- Something bad happens to Kim.
- There's a split screen.
- Palmer has a speech about how he won't trash his morals.
- Jack defies orders.
- A CTU employee looks at another CTU employee suspiciously.
- Somebody mentions the amount of time it will take for something to be accomplished (e.g., "The Delta squad won't be there for another twenty minutes").

2 Drinks:
- A CTU employee other than Jack kills somebody.
- Some annoying authority figure shows up.
- There is an obvious lapse in continuity.
- Somebody mentions Terri (Season One doesn't count).
- Somebody is revealed to be a mole/traitor, or an important object turns out to be a decoy/red herring.
- Somebody other than Jack defies orders.
- A main character dies.

3 Drinks:
- A supporting character from a previous season shows up.
- CTU goes into lockdown.

Rest of drink:
- The main villain changes.
- The final minute does not include a surprise/cliffhanger.
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