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Drinking Games
Drink Your Die Number
Drink Your Die Number
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Game Type: Drinking Dice Games

Number of Players: 3 or more. Works best with 6.

Objective: To make your friends drink more than you.

Supplies: A die and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Each player chooses one of the numbers on the die (1 through 6). A player then rolls, with the person whose number is rolled taking one drink. (e.g., if a "3" is rolled, the person who chose the number "3" drinks).

The same player keeps rolling the die until they roll their own number. That person then takes a drink and passes the die to the player on their left. When a player rolls five "good" rolls in a row (i.e., haven't rolled their own number), they can make a rule (no pointing, no names, etc.).

When less than six people are playing, possibilities include: each player gets 2 numbers (for three people playing), one number being defined as "automatic bad roll" (if rolled, player drinks and their turn ends), or one number being "social".

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