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Quarter Baseball
Quarter Baseball
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Game Type: Drinking Coin Games

Number of Players: 4 or more

Objective: Shoot a quarter at shot glasses that represent the baseball bases (first, second, third and home) to see how much you/your opponents have to drink.

Supplies: 4 shot glasses, a quarter, 2 teams of people and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Set up the four shot glasses in a row going away from "home base" (the designated shooting spot for the quarter). Each player on the visiting team takes turns shooting the quarter at the shot glasses.

The first glass represents a "single", the second a "double", the third a "triple", and the last a "home run". Three strikes (i.e. three misses at getting into the shot glasses) and you are out. Three outs and the other team is up to bat.

Game follows as regular baseball and runs are scored in the same way.

Drinking happens in the following manner:

1) Fill the shot glasses with a drink.

2) If a player makes the quarter into a shot glass (gets a hit), they must drink all the shot glasses behind the one they made. For example, if the player hits a single, they must drink the remaining three shot glasses. If they hit a triple, they only have to drink one. If the player gets an out, they must drink all four.

3) A run is scored whenever the "hits" add up to four (e.g., player1 gets a single and player2 hits a triple, this would count as a "run"). The opposite team must take a drink for each run the other team scores.
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