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Drinking Games
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Game Type: Drinking Coin Games

Number of Players: 4 or more

Objective: Try to "catch and trap" a player by bouncing quarters into a shot glass.

Supplies: 2 shot glasses, two quarters and alcohol of choice.

Directions: Sit around a table and place each of the shot glasses in front of opposite players situated around a table.

Try to bounce the quarter into the shot glass when it's your turn. If you make your first shot in the empty shot glass, you can pass to the left or right. If you miss, you must pass left.

The glasses "chase" each other around the table until one catches the other. If you make your shot before the person you are chasing, you "jump" their glass, passing to the next person down the line. The person you caught must take two drinks before they shoot again.

The fun aspect of this game comes if the person you passed to (next to your neighbor) makes their first shot. They can pass it back to you and give you another chance at making your neighbor drink again (assuming they are still trying to make their shot). The neighbor is "trapped" until they make a shot.
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