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Drinking Games
Quarter Battle
Quarter Battle
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Game Type: Drinking Coin Games

Number of Players: 4 or more

Objective: Bounce quarters into different sized cups to make your opponents drink.

Supplies: Alcoholic beverage of choice, a small table, 4 small cups, 1 larger cup and 1 quarter for each player.

Directions: Two teams (2 per team works best) stand on opposite sides of a small table with five cups in a row in the center (see diagram). The four cups on the sides are the same size and the one in the middle is larger. Fill all cups with the drink of choice.

A player on a team gets one chance to bounce a quarter into one of the smaller cups to their right of the center (big) cup. As soon as a cup is hit the other team has to drink it. Once both players on a team have tried, it's the other team's turn. After hitting your two side cups you try for the center cup. If you make it in the center cup, the other team has to drink the center cup as well as whatever they didn't hit made on their side.
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