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American Horror Story: Asylum Drinking Game
American Horror Story: Asylum Drinking Game
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Game Type: Drinking TV Games

Number of Players: 2+

Objective: Enjoy the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum, and drink with friends

Supplies: An individual drink of choice, an empty center table glass, shots with green alcohol (of your choice), shots with red alcohol (of your choice)

Directions: 1) When the Doctor takes a patient to his quarters pass your drink to the person next to you and take a sip
2) When there is a flash-back or flash-forward take two sips of your drink
3) When there is a sex scene pour some of your drink into the center cup.
4) When they mention anything about aliens take a green shot
5) When there is blood, take a red shot
6) If the patients try and escape scream "Stop them" the last person who says it has to drink the mixed glass in the center of the table at the end of the show
7) Anytime they mention "The creatures" take a drink
8) Anytime the head nun punishes someone, take a drink
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