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Duck, Duck, Goose
Duck, Duck, Goose
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Game Type: Drinking Word Games

Number of Players: 2+ the more the better

Objective: take a shot of grey goose when ever u see a duckface

Supplies: connection to the internet bottle of grey goose.

Directions: You know how girls love to take pictures making duck faces that are so annoying? well this is a way to make it fun.
1: log on to a social site like facebook,twitter,instagram, etc.
2: player 1, go to some random girls profile pictures, perferably someone you dont know.
3: Go through the first 20 pictures, for every picture of a girl making duckfaces (the duck) take a shot of grey goose (the goose)..if there is more than 1 girl person in the picture making duckfaces then take that amount.
4: If you make it through all 20 pictures and see no duckfaces then player 1 gets to choose the profile for the next player, best to pick a profile that you know has a lot of duckface pictures.
5: just continue until someone gives up, last one standing wins.
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