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Herman the German
Herman the German
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Game Type: Drinking Word Games

Number of Players: Best if around 5-7

Objective: Remember your assigned number and be sure to speak up and say "sir" when your commander addresses you.

Supplies: Alcohol of choice.

Directions: One person starts the game by naming themselves "Herman the German". Then, they name the other players "Tokyo Bay Number 1, Tokyo Bay Number 2, Tokyo Bay Number 3, Tokyo Bay Number 4, etc." for the number of people playing. They do not have to be named in the order in which they are seated (it's better if they are not because it leads to more mess-ups). "Herman the German" starts the game by saying:

"Herman the German dropped a bomb on Tokyo Bay Number 2 (or whatever number they choose), Sir."

Then "Tokyo Bay Number 2" MUST reply "Not I, Sir."

Then "Herman the German" MUST reply "Then who, Sir?"

"Tokyo Baby Number 2" MUST reply "Number 4 (or whatever number they chooses), Sir."

"Tokyo Baby Number 4" MUST reply "Not I, Sir."

And so on...

This continues until someone takes longer than three seconds or messes up (usually by forgetting to speak, or forgetting to say "Sir" at the end). The person that messes up takes two drinks.

The part of "Herman the German" is passed on whenever that person chooses. The new "Herman the German" renumbers all the "Tokyo Bays", so it becomes more challenging because people have to relearn a new number for themselves.
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