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Fall Beers
Fall Beers
While the heat of the summer sun had us reaching for easy-to-drink lagers and light beers, the chill of fall has us craving more complex beers to fill our mug. It's the reason why our local grocery stores are stocked with beers boasting a pumpkin or other fall related images.

Although, most of these seasonal beers offer the heartier option we seek during this time of year, the many layers of flavor mixed in with the malts and ales sometimes leaves us a little leery to venture away from the tried and true beers we always drink. However, like the changing weather, be inspired this season to change your colors; be it copper, dark wheat, or blood red.

Some seasonal beers that have become a favorite around Happy-Hour are listed below:
Count Hopula Blood Red I.P.A. Count Hopula Blood Red I.P.A.

Available at:
San Tan Brewing Co.

A ruby red, roasted malt beer made by SanTan Brewing Company. The deep red color is complimented by a thick off-white head, adding to the aesthetic of the beer. But this beer isn't just about good looks. The aromas of caramel, citrus, resin, and fresh baked bread are inviting to the nose. Count Hopula has an IBU (or International Bitterness Unit) rating of 99. IBU's rate on a scale from zero (most fruit beers fall under this category) to 120, so this beer is perfectly bitter. Made from SanTan House Yeast and blended with intense Simcoe Hops, it will have even the most refined hophead calling it fang-tastic.
Bonfire Rauchbier by Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier by Samuel Adams

Available at:
Capital Grille

Because, it's that time of year when we've traded the grill for the bonfire, open up a bottle of Samuel Adams Bonfire Rauchbier and let the deep smoky flavor take you back to a warmer time. The blend of caramel and toffee flavored malts balance out this beer's bold taste, and with an IBU of 19 it's perfect for those wanting a lot of flavor without too much bitter. A nice introduction beer to something a little bolder, yet maintains the sweet remnants of caramel and toffee to the very last drop. Also, it's a great choice for those wanting a beer with a little less carbonation.
The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog

Available at:
Baltimore Taphouse

The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog is a new favorite to try this year, and for good reason. Imagine a beer that tasted just as good as (if not better than) mom's homemade pumpkin pie. This lightly roasted malt beer has the taste of pumpkin, but it's the dominating aromas and flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and allspice that make this beer all the rage. The light, fuzzy carbonation and half inch head will remind you that this is more than just a delicious treat.
The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale by Flying Dog Dunkel Weizen by Sleeping Dog Brewery

Available at:
Sleepy Dog Brewery

An authentic Bavarian beer, Dunkel Weizen, which translates as "dark wheat," is a dark amber-brown beer that is coarse-filtered and pours out of the bottle with a dense head. The traditional flavors of fall (such as clove and nutmeg) are present, but a pleasant hint of banana, peach, and caramel covered cherries gives this beer a sweet cereal note. In fact, it's more sweet than bitter; giving this particular blend a clean, smooth aftertaste. The medium body and carbonation leaves a nice retention and lacing in your glass that will remind you to ask for a refill.
The Brewery
Featured Microbrewery
Brooklyn Brewery, New York

Brooklyn was once known as America's brewing capital; at the turn of the 20th century Williamsburg alone was home to nearly 60 breweries. The originals are mostly gone, but this relative newcomer is bringing hops back to New York. New York taverns were community civic centers where the important issues...
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8th Street Ale
Four Peaks Brewery, Tempe, AZ

Our English style "Best Bitter" has a mellow bitterness and a slightly sweet malt flavor. Its enticing aroma is derived from rare imported Kentish hops.

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HMS Victory E.S.B.
Dry Dock Brewing Company, Aurora, CO

SILVER MEDAL, 2007 Colorado State Fair, Extra Special Bitter. This amber ale has a rich toasty and bready character with moderate English hop bitterness.

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